iPhone Data Recovery

Our iPhone data recovery service is specifically designed for phones which are too costly to repair or are too severely damaged. These are normally phones that has been dropped, are water damaged or have been damaged during a repair attempt.

Many repair services found on the local high streets avoid these jobs, they’re complicated, time consuming and not profitable. We work on a data first basis,  recovering your data is our priority and not repairing the phone. We take on recovery work that others wont, working at the logic board level microsoldering components, traces and chips to repair just enough damage to gain access to your data.

iPhone Data Recovery Price

Transparent and straightforward pricing, there are no additional costs to pay, no parts costs, no hourly rates and no hidden extras. Recovery prices include up to 64GB of data recovered and returned to you onto a USB thumb drive.

Standard Recovery

  • iPhone 6 Series £250

    iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6s, IPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE (1st gen)

  • iPhone 7 Series £250

    iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus

  • iPhone 8 Series £350

    iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus , SE (2nd gen 2020)

Additional Charges

  • Single Board Technician Damage £100

    Logic boards which have had previous microsoldering work done to them, including the removal of shields or foams are subject to an additional fee.

  • Stacked Board Technician Damage £200

    Logic boards which have had previous microsoldering work done to them, including the removal of shields, foams or the board split are subject to an additional fee.

  • Extreme Damage POA

    These cases are taken on a case by case basis we will contact you if your phone damage is classed as extreme. Extreme damage cases are normally bent or cracked logic boards which can not be repaired and transfer of critical chips to a donor board is required, this is a recovery last resort all other recovery options will tried first.

Why us

  • We are a data recovery service., not an iPhone repair shop, 
  • No upfront costs or deposits.
  • Flat data recovery fee, no hidden charges, costs for parts or hourly labor rates.
  • Our service is covered by our no data, no fee policy. If we can’t get access to your data we won’t charge you for the attempt.

iPhone Recovery Request

Complete our 3 step recovery form and our recovery technicians will then email an SRF ID to you. Once you have your SRF ID  you can send us your phone.

We are currently only offering services to clients within mainland UK.
Please be honest and as accurate about the condition of your iPhone as possible when completing the form. The condition of your iPhone will be checked when it arrives with us, previous technician damage is always obvious under the microscope..

Date Recovery Limitation

Phones which have had the NAND, CPU or eeprom chips damaged in any way, either physically or by heat can not be recovered. All 3 chips are serialised, they are unique and are needed to decrypt your data.

We can not recover data from locked or disabled iPhones.

There are no options or services available to recover data which has been deleted from a modern iPhone. Software packages claiming to be able to do this are obtaining the data such as low resolution thumbnails from other sources, or recovering them from your iCloud or iTunes backup files.

We must have a working passcode for the device, this is not optional. If you do not feel able to provide this code we can not help you.  We can not crack, break or hack the security on iPhones, please do not ask us to. Please check  to the best of your ability you have the correct code before sending the device in for recovery. Recoveries which we have a path to data but have the wrong passcode will be charged for.

Frequently Asked Questions

On average our standard service takes between 1 to 2 weeks from when we receive your phone. More complex recoveries or recoveries which require donor parts or custom solutions may take a lot longer, but less complex recoveries are completed the same day. Your recovery time will be dependent on the condition of your iPhone

There is no limit to the data we can recover but it may be more cost effective to supply it on recoveries over 64GB on alternative media such as a n external USB hard drive which would need to be added to the recovery cost.

We aim to return your data in the form of an iTunes backup so that you are able to restore it to a new phone. We may also include parsed data where we have extracted image and video files directly. These will will be returned on either a USB pen drive or an external USB hard drive which you can plug into your computer.

Due to the nature of our service phones are rarely returned in a working condition. If the repair was less complex and it is possible to return the phone as a usable device it will be, but it is more likely after recovery the phone will be just a collection of chips which we can securely recycle for you.

We consider your data your personal property. We have detailed our view on data privacy on our Recovery Privacy page, and treat your phone data in the same manner.  Your phone data is confidential and we process it as such.

When we have a path to data on your data we will email you an invoice. You can pay this either via paypal or bank transfer. Once your invoice has been paid we will recover your data and post your data to you.

Unfortunately there are cases where we are not able to recover data from the phone. If this happens we can return your phone and it’s current state or you can leave it with us in case there are recovery advances at a later date. If you request the return of your device there may be a charge to cover return postage and packaging.