Affordable Professional Data Recovery Services.

We can provide a full range of data recovery services for traditional mechanical hard drives, SSD Drives, USB Drives, SD Cards and most brands of Network Attached Storage Devices.  Unlike some other recovery websites we do the actual recovery work, we are not a collection agent for a third party.

Hard Drives & SSD Drives

  • Clicking or Beeping
  • Not recognised or detected.
  • Reporting the wrong size.
  • Accidentally formatted or deleted.
  • Liquid damage.
  • Physical damage.

USB Pen Drives

  • Physical damage.
  • Snapped or bent connectors.
  • Liquid damage.
  • Drive not recognised or detected.
  • Reporting the wrong size.
  • Accidentally formatted or deleted.

SD, SDHC, MicroSD and CF Cards

  • Physical damage.
  • Bent cards.
  • Liquid damage.
  • Card not recognised or detected.
  • Reporting the wrong size.
  • Accidentally formatted or deleted.

NAS Devices

  • UnRaid
  • TrueNAS
  • Netgear
  • Synology
  • Western Digital
  • Buffalo
  • Qnap

Lost your data - we can help you

We use a range of industry leading professional data recovery hardware and software tools to access your devices whatever condition they’re in.  These are the same tools used by organisations charging thousands for data recovery. We’ve spent time developing our own in-house tools and software as well as working with developers globally to improve the effectiveness of the tools currently available.

If we are unable to recover your data we don’t charge our recovery fee.

Practical data recovery

Your data is important to you but we also recognise that not everyone has unlimited funds to recover it. Our aim is to bring you a first class level of service at an affordable price. Our price tiers are available openly online for hard drives and USB Devices and if you’re really concerned about price we offer a free evaluation service. We give you an honest opinion of recovery chances and charge for the work we do, we don’t inflate our prices to how much you’ll pay.

If you’re having problems with your device and think you may have lost your data, there’s a good chance we can help  recover it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t hide our prices behind quotes. Our prices are based on the type of device, the work required to recover the data and any parts we may need to use. A clear guide to our prices can be found on our Hard Drives and USB Devices pages. We charge for the work we do and not what we think you’ll pay for your data.

Recovery time is dependent on the damage and the capacity. Where possible we like to examine your device as soon as we receive it. Once we’ve examined your device we’ll contact you with a timescale.  A straight forward recover or repair recovery could be completed the same day. In these cases you could have your data back in 2-3 working days. Where a device requires parts we need to source them that may take longer.

Clicking is never good, but there are different type of click and at different stages. Clicks don’t always mean you’ll need new heads to recover data. If there is damage to a drive head we may still be able to do a partial recovery and get data from the others, if the data you need is recovered you may not need new heads. 

We do not charge an examination fee or a fee for the written report we will send to you. Our report will list what we believe is wrong with your device and our view of the probability of recovery. Should you decide not to proceed we can return your device for the cost of postage and packing. We guarantee there will be no pressure or sales pitch.

We are a small company, the internet it a large place. Our technician’s time was being spent responding to recovery questions from people all over the world to the detriment of our paying clients.  We have made it our policy now to only provide direct contact information to our clients.

We appreciate this makes some people uneasy, but once you submit a request for service the email you receive will be from a data recovery technician, we do not employ sales, marketing  or advertising staff and our systems are not automated. If you have any questions or queries about your recovery the technician is always available to you via their email address.

Our Mail In page shows the best way to package your device. Most customers use bubble wrap, a sensible sized box and Royal Mail. However you chose to send your device to us please make sure it’s well packaged and labelled.

Once we have a path to data we’ll send you an invoice via email, you can pay this securely online via paypal or bank transfer.

If we can’t repair your device sufficiently to recover data directly from it, as a last resort we can remove the memory chips read them directly. The data from the chip image is then read and your data is reassemble using specialised data recovery software. 

After recovering your data we will send your data back on your recovery media. You can either supply this or we can provide it for you at a reasonable cost. Recovery media is usually either a USB 3 pen drive or a USB 3 external hard drive depending on the volume of data recovered.

We see a lot of devices where people have attempted DIY fixes they have found on the internet or the local computer repair shop has tried for them. Depending on what has been done we can probably still recover some data, although most DIY fixes make recovery far more complex and therefore costly.

Physical damage to drive platters, where the data is stored can’t be recovered. The are older or rare drives where we are unable to source compatible donors for spare part.  Like nearly all recovery labs we are currently unable to open helium drives for head exchanges. Some drives and USB devices now have complex encryption to secure data which makes recovery with current technology impossible.  We are however constantly improving our service and technology to reduce the number of these devices. We may offer to keep your device on file in case there is a development in the near future making it recoverable.

If we can’t recover any data from your device there are options. You can leave your device with us and we will continue to try there are recovery advances made daily or we can return your device to you via courier for a nominal fee to cover shipping. 

No liability will be taken for losses during transit.