Affordable Professional Data Recovery

Affordable Professional Data Recovery

Lite Logical Data Recovery


Our Lite Logical Data Recovery service is our most cost effect data recovery option. We have recently introduced this services to combat what we consider bad practice from some of the larger, heavily advertised, retail logical data recovery software providers.  There has been a switch from selling applications for a modest fee to selling their software as a service and locking users into expensive automatically renewed annual or even monthly contracts. 


In most cases not only will our service be less than or the same cost of buying the software and doing the recovery yourself it is also backed up by our “no data – no fee” policy, if the data you need can’t be recovered you don’t pay for the recovery. This stops you having to blindly buy software not knowing if your data can be recovered, avoiding the need to get a refund when retail software doesn’t find data or the files recovered don’t work.

For most customers our 100GB allowance will be more than enough for their user folder to be recovered, roughly 40,000 pictures or 8 hours of hi-resolution video.  Just specify the folder locations for us to recover on our service request form.


There are no restrictions on device type our LLR service is available to. You can send in a desktop or laptop hard drive, SATA, IDE, SSD, USB external drive , SD cards or a NAS. The only condition is the device must be functional mechanically and electrically and any encryption system used not damaged. This service is ideal for customers who just need a few files recovered from a large capacity device.

If you need more than 100GB recovering please see our Hard Drive Recovery page alternatively we can offer a free evaluation service for your hard drive.

Lite Logical Recovery

£ 120
  • No data - No Fee
  • Fixed Price - All Inclusive
  • User Defined Targeted Data Recovery
  • Up to 100GB Data Recovery
  • Unlimited Source Device Capacity
  • Cross Platform - Windows , MacOS , Linux
  • Mechanical, SSD, USB devices
  • USB 3 Recovery Media
Upto 100 GB

Terms & Conditions

To qualify for our LLR service your device must be in mechanical and electrical working order. LLR services do no cover repairs to hardware or firmware.  Your original device will be securely recycled after recovery unless you have requested it be returned. Returned devices will be subject to an administrative and postal fees . Minor damage to the device which does not prevent data access such as unreadable sectors, will be accommodated provided recovery can be completed within 3 hours. You must specify the folder and location of the data before recovery.   Encrypted devices must be undamaged and passwords provided. Cases where RAW recovery is required will be considered on an individual basis. Our LLR service does not provide any time required under the microscope or within the clean-room environment.