Affordable Professional Data Recovery

Affordable Professional Data Recovery

Recovery Evaluations

Our recovery evaluations are free, they require no commitment from you at all. We will examine your device and provide you with a full written report which will include our estimate of recovery chances and costs. You can then make an informed decision about the recovery. If you don’t want to proceed we can ship your device back to you. There is no hard sell and no pressure to accept our services – this is our commitment to you.

Why our evaluation is free

We think it’s important you know you can trust us, our free evaluation, our no data no fee policy and our transparent pricing structure are all a direct result of concerns customers have reached out to us with.

We aim to make our service accessible to everyone and after talking with many retail customers we found that recovery cost was always their primary concern. 

Over 65% of the cases we are sent are solved using our entry level “recover” tier.

Many potential customers are giving up on their data thinking recovery would be so expensive it’s only for large organisation and businesses. We could have recovered data for them at a minimal cost.

There is no need for you to lose your precious memories of  a departed loved one, your wedding,  your baby’s first words or their first steps. We’re here to help and we can normally help at a fraction of the cost that you might think.

If you would just like a free recovery evaluation on of your device select “Evaluation” on our service request page.

Postage and packing

We are happy to conduct our evaluation free of charge and also provide you with our report at no cost if you request your device returned without undertaking any recovery, we do have a small postage and packing charge to cover the cost of returning your device.

Decision making

If you are making a decision about the recovery based on our report and would like more information or help, just let us know.  If you wish to proceed with a recovery attempt please tell us as soon as possible, we have limited space to securely store devices not currently being recovered and need to process them in a timely manner.

Free Evaluation Report
Free Evaluation Report