Affordable Professional Data Recovery

Affordable Professional Data Recovery

Data recovery and your privacy

We’re seeing questions regarding data recovery professionals and privacy being asked more often. This is partly due to an increased awareness about personal data security but also due to the type of data people are storing on their devices is changing.

Our Policy

We have always maintained that your data is your private property, under normal recovery conditions the data technician working on your device will not view the contents of your files without your consent. If we ask for your consent to access the data it will only be to spot check that the files are being recovered correctly and there is no corruption within them. 

We don’t care.

This is now the most common concern we get. Unlike a certain popular smart phone manufacturer we don’t scan your personal pictures and then send them to cloud. Unless you have requested we recover specific files we’re never going to know about them.

Little Green blocks

Our hardware recovery tools are capable of cloning devices on a logical block address basis, for the majority of recovery cases we never need to process the file system which lists the contents of the device.  These cases are effectively blind as to what is actually stored on a device. If all goes well with a recovery all the technician will see when recovering your device are lots and lots of little green blocks.

Recovery Example

Illegal Data

There is however a particular type of data we don’t want in our recovery lab. It is a criminal offence to possess, store or view this type of data. By sending us any device to recover data from, you are confirming that your device does not contain this type of data. 

Do not send us devices with this type of content.