Recovery Media

We don’t upload your data to the internet, we only recover to physical media. You can opt to purchase this from us, we keep the prices as close to cost as possible or you can supply the media yourself.


Supplying Media to us

We’re pretty flexible about media types , but there are a few things to consider when provided media for us to recover data on to. 

Media State

Whatever you send us needs to be in 100% functional condition. We can not and will not recover onto media that is already damage or faulty. We prefer new media but if you already have a suitable, fully functional device we will recover to it keeping costs as low as possible.

Media Type

Our goal is where possible to produce an exact clone of your device onto your media.  This is impossible if the media is not of the same type.  We can work around this by producing an image of devices which can be stored in the same way a regular file can. You can then restore the file to a device yourself, we recommend this for more experienced users only. 

Media Size

The recovery media needs to be at least the same size as the device you have asked us to recover.  This is essential when we are cloning the entire device rather than rescuing files. We can not fit a 4TB clone on a 1TB destination drive.  

External Drives

These offer an excellent option for recovery of data files or for device images. Devices like this however can not normally be used to produce a working (bootable) clone of an internal hard drive. Please check the connection type,  the transfer speed of USB2 is just 480 Mbits / Second, a 1 TB hard drive would take nearly 6 hours copy to a USB 2 device. All external devices need to be USB 3.0 or higher.

Media we supply

Hard drives

If your device was an internal hard drive we will recover to an internal hard drive. We will try to keep to he same type and format as your device so you can simply replace your faulty device with our recovered clone. We may have to on occasion substitute SSD devices for mechanical ones. If we’re unable to clone your device and are recovering files we will normally use an external USB 3 device, this provides the easiest way to connect the recovery media to your computer to check your files.

USB Devices

Most USB sticks, SD cards or MicroSD cards will be recovered onto the same type of media. On larger recoveries or exotic media we may use an external USB 3 drive to minimise recovery costs.