Affordable Professional Data Recovery

Affordable Professional Data Recovery

Data Destruction Service

Unlike some services were are able to offer the secure destruction of your data from both working and damaged devices. Incorrect disposal of damaged devices can result in confidential or personal data being recovered.

We are confident that we offer one of the best and most environmentally sound data destruction services available, and it’s free.

You can use this service anonymously we do not require any contact information. Send your device to our address ensuring it is clearly marked for data destruction.

Data Destruction

PO Box 7536


DY11 9HH

Data Erasure

Our data erasure service is free for up to 3 devices.

We run our data erasure procedures most days as part of our own business needs. Our custom designed and built hardware is capable of erasing multiple devices each run and we are happy to erase your devices whilst we process our own.

Your 3 devices can be SATA hard drives, SAS hard drives , USB devices or a mixture. We will erase all the data from them and then verify this by attempting data recovery from the first 10% of the device using our processional recovery tools. If you have included contact details we will then send you a report confirming the secure destruction of your data via email.

If you require more than 3 devices to be erased please contact us, it is likely we can still provide our free service.

Physical Destruction

Our physical destruction service is free for 1 device.

We prefer not to physically destroy devices unless specifically requested but offer drive platter and NAND chip destruction. Unlike other similar services we carefully remove the platters and NAND chips from the devices to destroy them. This process requires significantly more labour than destroying the entire device, but allows the rest of the device to be recycled and reused whilst still ensuring absolute destruction of your data.

If you have included contact detailsĀ  we will send you a report confirming the secure destruction of your device via email.

If you require more than 1 device to be destroyed please contact us for volume pricing.